Developing Greater Awareness

Meditation, an opportunity to connect more deeply to life.

Self-awareness, connection, and growth


Meditation is an invaluable tool and can assist us to experience a state of present awareness, inner peace, and stability.

There are various forms of meditation to help us slow down and journey within ie: guided meditations, mantras, moving meditations, relaxation meditations and biofeedback technologies.

Over time our ability to go within becomes easier. The benefits are numerous and will overflow into every area of life.

Meditation is safe, non-invasive and beneficial for everyone.

Meditation helps to:

  • Foster inner peace
  • Embrace our true authentic self
  • Feel centered, grounded and present
  • Obtain greater awareness and understanding
  • Strengthen connection with our inner guidance


Deb offers private tuition giving you the opportunity to ask questions and experiment with different techniques.

I came in a bit non-plussed as I was not quite sure of this therapy. I had a huge blockage in my life that I have been conscious of and now feel it is lifted. I feel lighter when I conjour up that issue. I could feel myself give way to the negative feelings and bring in a much more positive one. It was quiet bizarre but re-energizing at the same ti…
Helen EFT Client

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