Emotional Freedom Technique

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The Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT or Tapping is an interesting and often profoundly effective emotional healing modality.

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EFT combines focus, tapping, and conscious breath to bring about a deep sense of inner peace. This inner peace often opens people to greater awareness’s, insights and shifts in perspective. The objective of EFT is to balance and harmonise the energy body. This balancing effect calms the  nervous system and redirects vital life force energy to the digestive and immune systems which bolster general feelings of well being.

Fast, effective and non-toxic.

Positive EFT

When EFT is applied to affirmations it is like planting seeds and weeding at the same time. Resistant thoughts and uncomfortable emotions tend to melt away very quickly.

EFT is at your finger tips and has the ability to leave you feeling fresh and uplifted where you once felt weighed down. In my experience positive shifts are a natural part of the EFT process.


EFT is safe, fast and remarkably effective:

  • Stress managment
  • Boost self image
  • Let go of negative self-talk
  • Clear your conscience
  • Release deep emotional hurt

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Debbie offers both face to face and phone consultations.

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I came in a bit non-plussed as I was not quite sure of this therapy. I had a huge blockage in my life that I have been conscious of and now feel it is lifted. I feel lighter when I conjour up that issue. I could feel myself give way to the negative feelings and bring in a much more positive one. It was quiet bizarre but re-energizing at the same ti…
Helen EFT Client

Balance and harmonise your energy body, lighten up and shine!

Debbie’s journey with EFT has helped her to cope with the stresses of life and become a positive contribution in her community.


Think, feel and live well.

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