Emotional Freedom Technique

Think, feel & live well

The Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is one of the world’s leading energy healing modalities due to its simplicity and effectiveness.
Unpacking emotions with ease and grace is both liberating and uplifting.

Experience the joy of NOW


EFT is not a talk therapy, it is an energy clearing and balancing technique that offers deep, fast and lasting results. EFT facilitates the release of emotional charge associated with trauma memories, harmful self-beliefs, and unwanted behavioral patterns.


EFT is fast, effective and non-toxic vibrational medicine.

Positive EFT

When used in conjunction with positive affirmations EFT is like planting seeds and weeding at the same time dissipating resistant thoughts, uncomfortable emotions, anxiety, and stress helping you to move forward with ease and joy.

Applying EFT it is like releasing a pressure valve or cleaning out a dirty filter creating a sensation of lightness and inner peace. You become the observer of your thoughts and feelings allowing for greater conscious awareness. Positive shifts are a natural part of the EFT process.

Once you learn EFT you have a self-help tool for life.


EFT is safe, fast and remarkably effective:

  • Uncover your joy
  • Enhance your strengths
  • Let go of harmful self-beliefs and negative self-talk
  • Rehabilitate after accidents, injuries, and operations
  • Release deep emotional hurt  from past traumatic experiences


Update your subconscious NOW

Debbie offers both face to face and phone consultations.

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I came in a bit non-plussed as I was not quite sure of this therapy. I had a huge blockage in my life that I have been conscious of and now feel it is lifted. I feel lighter when I conjour up that issue. I could feel myself give way to the negative feelings and bring in a much more positive one. It was quiet bizarre but re-energizing at the same ti…
Helen EFT Client

Make the journey from your head to your heart

Debbie’s journey with EFT has been focused on upgrading her personal truths with the objective of aligning her head with her heart so that she can shine her light even more brightly.


Think, feel and live well.

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